As EXPERIENCED SPECIALIST in this niche of polishing, we offer our customers the entire package. We have an extensive assortment of various polishing products and tools.


With us you will find all conceivable products and tools with which you tackle any polishing problem. We offer an EXTENSIVE RANGE of polishing products, cleaning products, sanders, grinding tools, drive systems, accessories …

  • HV control unit + micromotor + handpieces + hand file machine
  • HV control unit + micromotor + ultrasonic handpiece
  • HV control unit + micromotor + foot switch
  • HV ultrasonic system
  • HV-mobile polishing system
  • HV-whetstones + ceramic stones
  • HV diamond paste
  • HV felting + brushes
  • HV sanding discs + sanding cloth + sandpaper

Thanks to our EXPERTISE for years we also assist you during your purchase. Polishing products are so specific that it is not always easy to choose the right ones. Based on your requirements, we go back to our extensive range and offer you the most efficient and most economical solutions. Thanks to our advice, the purchased polishing material is PERFECTLY ORGANIZED FOR YOUR POLICE ACTIVITIES.

Of course you can count on a good AFTER-SALES SERVICE, during which we always assist you with all your questions about polishing.

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