AS COMPANY HANS VANDENBERGHE, WE HAVE BEEN SPECIALIZING IN POLISHING FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS FROM PITTEM. We help companies with all their polishing problems. Because no matter which product you produce, without an impeccable mold, you will not succeed in manufacturing the same series of identical products. Moreover, without a solid mold, the error burden is too high and your yield falls significantly.

We deliver a FLAWLESS FINISH ON YOUR MOLD, so that your production is guaranteed in the long term, your margin of error is reduced and you get a better return on your production process.

Over the years we have worked as a polishing company in various sectors such as the food industry, automotive, the packaging industry, pharmaceuticals, …

FOR VARIOUS COMPANIES IN THESE SECTORS WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR A FLAWLESS FINISH OF ALL KINDS OF MOLDS. You can also contact us for an impeccable finish of parts for injection molding, stamping, extrusion, pultrusion and for parts in aluminum.

We offer you the choice between a technical and a high-gloss finish where we clearly profile ourselves as THE SPECIALIST IN HIGH-GLOSS FINISHES.